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Review last updated: 26/05/15

  • Turns your android into a keyboard
  • Plenty of modes to keep you entertained
  • Record mode
  • Sound quality isn't great

"False sense of mixing and saving greatly hurts this wonderful app."

Perfect Piano is a great music app that everyone should at least try. The free version has a lot of wonderful features and instruments to choose from.

Consisting of a Learn To Play mode that teaches you which eye to press to recreate your favorite songs. However, unless you have all the keys visible, it can become difficult to keep up. But with all keys visible, there's no room for your fingers on the screen. Unless you're a little fairy. Even then you may in it difficult to use the full keyboard.

Along with the keyboard, the app also comes with a wonderful drum pad and a Drum Machine with the later being my favorite. Sadly, there's no way to save your Drum Machine creations as a a audio file for later use. The app saves these files as a .pat file that audio programs can not read. Simply being able to save your creations as a ringtone would be a plus. But even that's missing.

The Drum Pad & Keyboard saves files as .mid and .aac. These files can be set as ringtones. However, audio programs can not read the .aac files. Android phones (like my Galaxy S3) can only read .mid files.

Although it's a great music app and learning tool. It is IN NO WAY a music creator. You can not overlap music you've created within the programs. Created a great beat in Drum Machine or Drum Pad and want to overlap it in your keyboard or each other? Tough. They do not work together. Which is very weird considering they are all part of the same app.

Your only choice is to create music for later use is to save as a .mid file (something that Drum Machine does not do) and upload it to your DropBox or Email and use a third party program to create.

Due to it's false sense of creating music, inability to mix, inability to load personal music into the program to learn, inability to cross play inhouse creations, and terrible file format choice, I give it only a 2.5 stars out of 5.

Bottom line, only install the free version. There are no good reasons to purchase it. Just purchase sounds you want to attempt to learn.

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19 Sep 2013

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